TAKE FIVE: Heart Activation Breath

Have you ever felt, rather than saw, someone enter a room?
Can you think of someone who makes you feel good just being around them?
Well there's a scientifically proven reason for it..
Compared to the brain, the magnetic field generated by the heart is 5000 times greater, and it produces 60 times the electrical output. The electromagnetic field generated by the heart can be measured up to a meter from your body, and the resonant expression of this field shifts with your emotions.
Translation: with each beat of the heart, we are literally transmitting our inner state into the space around us!
Now we're all familiar with the elevated emotions of the heart, but for most of us is these feelings occur by chance, some external cue, rather than something we choose to channel deliberately.
Love toward your pet/partner..
Gratitude for a strangers kindness..
Joy at reuniting with friends/family..
We can, however, learn to harness and amplify these positive internal states!
It begins when we make a ritual of cultivating and sustaining elevated emotions independent of the conditions in our external environment.
Yep. Becoming radiant is a practice!
Just as we unconsciously cultivate fear, anger, or sadness, if we practice feeling elevated emotions, it might just become our new norm.
Either standing or sitting, for 5 breaths or 50, this practice can be done anywhere, anytime!
1/ Focus your attention on the heart space. It helps to bring the palm of your dominant hand to the center of your chest (the other hand can rest on your belly to complete the hug).
2/ Steady your breath, and settle into an effortless, even pattern.
3/ With each inhale feel a gentle outwards pressure on your ribcage and as you exhale, revive a sense of radiance and expand out into the space around you.  
4/ Identify a resonant emotion (joy, appreciation, love), and hold this in focus. Linking this emotion to the sensations in your chest.
5/ Use the inhale to intensify the sensation, and the exhale to send it out into the world! *repeat*
As with any ritual act, engage fully with the practice, be present; intend to connect within on a deep level.

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