Vulnerability in action is sharing our feelings and our experiences with people who have earned the right to hear them.

It takes effort at first because we’re not comfortable sharing our innermost state and it’s challenging to wear openly what we might have withheld.

Lets face it, verbalizing that we’re NOT in control, NOT confident, NOT calm and centered, scares the shit out of us!

Our aversion to vulnerability is born of shame, and a fear of criticism for displaying our imperfections.

Displaying vulnerability calls for conscious overriding of these ego protection mechanisms, to share our emotions or desires with others, regardless of what they might think of us.

This allows others to see themselves in our story and we see ourselves in theirs; we feel connected, which opens the door to truly authentic relationships.

Don’t miss out on the richness of lived experience, beautiful relating, and freedom of expression that comes from daring to be vulnerable.

When I dare to bare
My heart naked, I turn my
Scared into sacred.


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