G'day! My name is Dale Macdonald.

I'm a holistic health coach, endless experimenter & esoteric explorer.

My mission is to impart a deeper understanding of the body, breath and being to empower health and happiness.

After discovering a love of boxing age 16, I embarked on a competitive career spanning over a decade, securing several titles and a passion for wellbeing in the process.

Now through my brand, BASE FIVE CO, I offer a host of products and practices to promote a proactive approach to wellbeing.

Read on to learn the backstory behind each of the BASE products..


Journey back to my youth.. Boxing at a national level, and living for sun-soaked weekends on South Australian beaches. A sudden psoriasis flare up turned my world upside down. Toxic treatments left me drained, sparking a quest to create a natural alternative. After years of refinement, BASE BALM is now an immersive sensory experience, a powerful tool for self-care, and your catalyst for a new health journey.


On a quest for comfortable meditation, I explored countless aids to find the perfect foundation for my practice. Finding the optimal position in ‘seiza’ (meaning ‘correct sitting’), I set to work. After extensive testing and refinements, the BASE BENCH was born. Aiding perfect posture, enhancing focus, and inviting tranquility whether you meditate for 5 minutes or 50.


These works embody my journey. From childhood Lego marathons to Dad's tool shed adventures, my inventive spirit was always there. Today, it's given rise to a crafted expression of my true nature - conscious creations for the curious. BASE BIJOU - lifting spirits through beauty.


Growing more sensitive with age and awareness of toxic ingredients in commercial perfumes, I craved a healthier alternative. BASE BOUQUET answers the call - an exceptional roll-on fragrance, merging natural scents with the benefits of essential oils.