Boxing is both an art and a science.
Precision technique, functional fitness, and disciplined strategy combine to shape a very unique skill set. 
More than this, boxing offers real life lessons founded on the principals of humility and mateship. 
With an epic history as old as civilization itself, boxing is a beautiful combination of strength and strategy.
Though some classify it as barbaric or brutal, boxers know that this sport is a delicate dance, in reality differing very little from the artistic expression of ballet or a meeting of minds like chess.
Boxing is called the 'sweet science' because it requires considered training and persistence, demanding that its devotees become as methodical and tactical as they are powerful.
Boxing is beautiful because it requires a honed body and a sharp mind, the two working together to create an art unlike any other in the world.
Find friendship & self-confidence as you build fitness and strength with BASE BOXING.
Regular classes covering the fundamentals of boxing, as well as practical strength and conditioning practices.
Contact for session times and details.

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