TAKE FIVE: Embodied Play

Learning to embrace our daily life with curiosity and self-care is a commitment towards balanced awareness that we can naturally integrate into our life.
Each one of us can refine our movement patterns and postural habits. We do so by feeling into the subjectivity of our movement, internalizing how we function, and learning where posture originates. This gives rise to a higher quality of life and ignites the responsibility of healing. We become invested in living here in the body to remedy our own aches and pains.
This is the essence of functional longevity!
Adopt a standing position, knees slightly bent and keep your feet rooted to the ground throughout.
Starting from the top of the head and moving down, begin to EXPLORE your full range of motion in each of the areas noted below. Notice where you feel tightness and tension, feel into these areas carefully and lovingly.
Move freely with full attention on the sensations created as your body moves.
Upper body – neck, shoulders, shoulder blades
Mid body – mid/low back, hips, pelvis
Lower body – thighs, knees, ankles
Mindful prompts: SLOW DOWN. Track the path of each movement through focused connection with the muscles and joints.
Simply by paying close attention to your inner environment as you play, you are building NEW neural networks and upgrading the peripheral nervous system.
This intimate connection to the sensations you experience opens the door for an appreciation of energetic flows within you and the enhanced functionality of mind and body this brings.

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