TAKE FIVE: Balance

Balance is a crucial survival skill, a part of everything we do, AND it’s perishable. 

When we walk, run, bike, swim, play, or reach for something on a high shelf, we are balancing.

After we hit 30, the muscles we use to stand tall begin to weaken ever so gradually. 
Practicing physical balance can:
  • Support our functional longevity.
  • Promote mental clarity & focus.
  • Remind us to remain in the present moment.
You can only maintain good balance if you stay active, so use it or lose it!


Standing on one leg, soften your knee slightly (try not to lock your leg throughout these exercises), complete both sides before moving on to the next exercise.

  1. Reach out your free foot toward each point of the compass (close eyes for maximum difficulty).
  2. Raise your heel slightly off the ground and pulse ever so gently up and down.
  3. Move your foot behind your body, back to the middle and into a knee raise in one fluid movement.
  4. Raise your arm, reach out with this arm and extend the opposite leg behind you.
  5. Carrying your weight in your supporting thigh, slowly lower yourself then raise to full height again (repeat).
As with any ritual act, engage fully with the practice, mindfully, with intent to connect within on a deeper level.

A practice of balance will soon have you moving more gracefully, with greater awareness of foot placement as you move, not to mention being able to stand steady when reaching for the last box of Weeties on the top shelf at Woolies!

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