The Butterfly

Butterflies cannot see their wings, but the world can.


Beginning life a lowly caterpillar, surviving trial and turmoil, turning inwards, finding safety in a shell, to emerge a being transformed; elegance embodied.

The marvelous metamorphosis of the caterpillar serves as a metaphor for our own evolution. For the butterfly to spread its wings, the comfort of the cocoon cannot last. We must step into the uncomfortable unknown to evolve beyond our old limitations. To realize our capacity to travel from one state, perspective, or way of life to another.
Chaos theory makes use of the ‘butterfly effect’ to conceptualize the ‘sensitive dependence on initial conditions’. That something as small as a wing beat of a butterfly can catalyze a cascade of consequences.
Consider that that even the simplest of choices may begin to ripple out. A chance conversation, a challenge accepted, a conscious choice.
Affect a tidal wave of change in your life, wrought by a single, simple decision: To emerge and begin a journey that could echo around the globe.
Will you dare to step out of your comfort cocoon? 

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