The BASE BALM story.

Let me take you back in time to a younger me.

In the prime of youth, boxing at a national level, beginning my corporate career and living for sun-soaked weekends on South Australian beaches.
In the midst of this bliss, a few small red dots on my chest multiplied overnight and soon covered me from elbow to knee.

Rushing to my doctor, I was sent on the way with a diagnosis of guttate psoriasis and a steroid cream to suppress the symptoms.

Over the next month, I lost kilos, took to sleeping at work, and couldn’t muster the energy to punch my way out of a wet paper bag.
Despairing at the level of care available, and reeling from the side effects of toxic topicals, pills and potions, I desperately sought answers.

My affliction was the catalyst that motivated me to begin exploring new approaches to wellness.
Embracing age-old wisdom and new science alike in my journey back to health.

This search for healing drove me to create my own skin care remedy to ease my suffering.

Starting with the very simplest of recipes, I tenaciously sought refinement with my damaged skin providing the perfect testing ground. Now, after many years, the metamorphosis is finally complete.

BASE BALM has become the ultimate healers helper.

Delivering plant-based healing to dry, damaged or distressed skin, while providing nutrients that intensely hydrate, revive elasticity, and help combat the effects of aging.

A boutique fusion of a famous five all-natural emollients with therapeutic grade essential oils to nourish the body & stimulate the mind.

A remedy beyond relief and rejuvenation.
A potent reminder to be with the moment.

To take pause and honor that which sustains you.
To fully inhabit your body by engaging your senses.

And to delight in the experience that is: BASE BALM.


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AMAZING products 😍 ✨

Lisa Smith

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