Does life ever feel flat to you?
A lame landscape devoid of anticipation and adventure?
Another day at the site, shop, office..
Working for the weekend, fiending for Friday arvo.
Breathing a sigh of relief at the all-too-brief break before it's back to the grind again.
Is this REALLY all there is?
The bare banality of modern life has its roots in many things; monotonous routines, mindless material consumerism, a lack of physical challenge, a desperate need for rEVOLution.. 😏
The solution?
RITUAL acts as an antidote to the modern malaise, adding texture and beauty to our lives.
RITUAL is a creative combination of BOTH intention and action to achieve a purpose beyond the external outcomes of a routine.
Take your morning cuppa for instance..
Why is it that you prefer coffee to tea? Or Red Bull?
You (I) crave your (my) caffè latte way beyond its use as a pick-me-up.
It's become a bona-fide RITUAL!
You revere your coffee experience because it brings a moment of respite, a breather in a busy day, a warm hug..
Thus: RITUAL is ROUTINE charged with REVERENCE.
The result of routine is external and tangible; objective (clean teeth, made bed, fed cat).
The impact of intention is inward and transcendent; subjective (a centered mind, expanded spirit, revived dedication to a goal).
So.. how to RITUAL?
1/ Pick a regular ROUTINE
2/ Add 3-parts REVERENCE
Before: take a moment to find presence - break all ties to the past and future, fix your focus on the now.
During: be embodied (IN-body) - strengthen the connection between mind and body by paying attention to your bodily actions.
After: reflect on the component moments - now taking on deeper significance, contributing to richer dimensions of experience. 
RITUAL (as above; made with love), is a chance to connect deeply with your inner spirit.
Strengthening your connection to this wisdom through ritual will transform your life.

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