Definitions include:
✅ To restore to life or consciousness.
✅ To make operative or active again.
✅ To renew in the mind or memory.
✅ To reanimate.

Yes, yes, all very aligned but what does this mean to BASE FIVE CO?

Here REVIVE is defined as:
A new perspective.
A prompt to awaken action.
A shared insight to fuel a ritual lifestyle.

To revive is to breathe life into. Be it a perspective, a practice, an action, or attitude, that which we revive consistently becomes more readily available to us.

Reviving in mind our vision for a better version of us becomes a self-fulfilling destiny. Returning to this vision literally programs our subconscious to seek success in accomplishing this vision!

Reviving a fond recollection of times past brings the associated feelings into the now. Reuniting with this memory recreates the experience in our bodies and reminds our spirit of the positive purpose for being.

Reviving a movement pattern makes it smoother and more accessible. Persistence is the work and climbing to the peak of OUR performance is the prize that revive offers. 

Every moment of our life, we are reviving our being with the very next breath.

Think of revive as a catalyst for action; the impulse for effort. The spark that ignites your desire to be the better you tomorrow.

Take time to revive in both mind and body the thoughts, words, and deeds, that describe the picture of greater well-being that is uniquely yours.

We are what we constantly do. Returning our awareness constantly to what we wish to become makes our evolution inevitable.

Revive inspiration.
Revive motivation for action.
Revive your reason for becoming.

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