REMEDY is that which moves us from our current state to one of greater health and functionality; in other words, to heal.
HEALING!? Yeah great! Gimme some of that..
But WHAT exactly? Why? How?
Healing is the process of restoring health from a damaged, unbalanced, or non-vital state.
It's a crucial part of everyone's life and we all seek to achieve it differently..
Some smoke it, sniff it, or inject it.
Some trust in waves of healing light, others in physical manipulation.
Many freely submit themselves to poking and prodding by all manner of quacks in lab coats. 
On a base level, we know that healing implies some form of positive change.
Something must shift for us to find health.. Or at least our own definition of it.
Unfortunately, we're often unsure how exactly to achieve this new and improved state of being (hence the more drastic measures listed above).
And so, we resort to whatever we believe to be the solution to our suffering.
This way of thinking about healing turns the process into a ‘quest for the holy grail’.
A magic bullet.. Quick fix.. The answer to all our problems.
A pill, a potion, a dose, a jab.. That's it. Move along, NEXT!
The problem with this is simply that while the symptoms may be suppressed, the underlying cause often remains.
It is in seeking a cure that we give our power away, because curing eliminates the transformative, evolutionary nature of healing.
Healing goes way beyond medical intervention. It includes internal awareness, intellectual expansion, and spiritual growth.
Healing requires digging deeper into the WHY of our suffering, and rarely is it only skin deep.
It's work. That's why we avoid it. 
We are amazing organisms with an extraordinary ability to heal ourselves.
Achieving our full potential means becoming conscious of this power; building toward higher perspectives on what health and healing are to us.
Healing is a personal experience that each of us must participate in.
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