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Having experienced on a deep level the freedoms that a meditative practice can bring, I have long intended to share these in a practical and accessible way..

This weekly class is my opportunity to do just that!

Representing the lessons learned from experiments in meditation over a decade, this is a powerful resource for any that desire:

  • Greater connection to their inner guidance
  • Heightened awareness of breath, sensation, and emotion
  • Improved ability to meet challenge and change
  • Access to universal energy flows

A collaboration with Tamworth local Liz Salter, who brings with her a deep appreciation for mental/physical connection and insights gained over 5 years of yoga instruction.

My purpose in co-creating this sacred space is to speak the truths of the subtle arts, seed experiences for the growth of consciousness, and empower others seeking to uncover their soul purpose!

Mondays from 7.15p, at 11:11 Yoga Studio.

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